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Life Coaching

Dreams and Visions offers both life coaching services to clients and a life coaching certification program for those who desire to become a certified life coach. Please use the tab labeled 'CONTACT' to sign up for services or to enroll in our certification program.

What is a Life Coach

and how can I benefit?

Think about the word coach. 

The original meaning of coach is a horse-drawn carriage, especially a closed one. It's literally a form of transportation. A coach of any sort is designed to get you from one place to another. I'm sure you've heard of a coach bus or even athletic coaches. They both take a person exactly where they want to be.

       A life coach can do just that. Having a life coach will hold you accountable by asking and attacking those hard questions or realities. They'll help you discover new realities. A life coach doesn't give you the answers, they know that you have what it takes to dig and find your own. No matter what place you're in or where you want to go, our coaches are equipped to get you to your best life.

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